So what is Best VPS Providers?

Best VPS Providers is a database of web hosting providers that provide VPS Hosting solutions from around the world. You can view the plans that each VPS host provides, along with details on their service, management and customer support. We have listed some of the best VPS plans available, from strong reliable companies.

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What to look for in a VPS

When searching for a VPS provider its important to know exactly what you are looking for. There are many different options available with virtual private servers. As virtual private servers are escentially a mini dedicated server, you will have full access (root) to all the running of the server. This includes installing / updating software, firewalls, and tweaking the server to run how you want. So what questions should you ask youself before selecting a provider?

Managed on Unmanaged VPS?

Managed VPS : With a managed virtual private server, the host will typically take care of any software or system updates you request. This is the ideal solution for anyone that has little of no experience running and maintaining a server. Obviously, this kind of support comes at a price, managed virtual private servers are generally more expensive.

Unmanaged VPS : For those, that want to maintain their own servers a unmanaged VPS is the perfect solution. After the initial setup, you are left to your own devices to run and maintain your server. Generally the web host will only support hardware or network issues.

How much ram will I need?

Like a dedicated server, a VPS provider will generally assisn each VPS with a set amount memory (ram). You will probably notice that there are two types of memory listed;

Guaranteed Ram : Guaranteed RAM is the lowest amount of RAM that you will ever have available to you at any given time guaranteed to receive at any one time.

Burstable Ram : Burstable RAM is the amount of RAM that your VPS can grab from a pool if it needs it as long as there is free RAM available on the server.

If you are looing for more inforamtion on VPS web hosting you may want to head over to VPS Review, for reviews and ratings on VPS hosting providers.